John is an actor, screenwriter and playwright.

He hails from Florida and is a graduate of the University of Florida. In 1985, he and a partner formed the comedy group COMEDIA in Atlanta, Georgia. He was brought to Los Angeles by ABC two years later and is a thirty year veteran of TV/film and theatre in Los Angeles. His credits range from “SEINFELD” to “24” to “HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER” and too much stuff in between to mention..

Posey has performed his critically acclaimed one-man show, FATHER, SON & HOLY COACH, throughout the country for 23 years. In the show, Posey seamlessly portrays 20 different people in the physical 90 minute production. It may be the only live production you'll ever see where the stage performer wrestles with himself and loses.

Posey also works extensively in the voice-over market and has shot more than 200 television commercials.

As a screenwriter, John has written screenplays for SONY, Disney and HBO. His feature script LEGENDARY, starring Patricia Clarkson, Danny Glover and Tyler Posey was released in the Fall of 2010.

His biopic about the famed 1940's-50's cultural icon "Gorgeous George" is set up at WWE Studios.

John is a speech writer, a ghost writer and has written on a wide range of subject matter. He has also created original syndicated programming for radio.

Tyler Posey is the other actor in the house and has worked consistently since the age of eight. He currently headlines MTV's hit series TEEN WOLF. John and Tyler have worked together on both stage, film and television. John's other son, Jesse Posey is a former college baseball pitcher and is now understudying film direction. John was married to Cyndi for 24 years, prior to her passing in 2014. He lives in the Los Angeles area.


(YOUR THEATER) presents the critically acclaimed, one person tour de force, Father, Son & Holy Coach, a father-son story that goes slightly off the rails and asks the question, "Are we defined by our past or by our present and our future?" That said, it's a comedy that has delighted audiences around the country for years.

Writer and performer, John Posey has been a recurring cast member of many popular TV series, most recently on How to Get Away With Murder on ABC and has guest starred in dozens of other shows including a starring role in Tom Hanks' hit mini-series, From Earth to the Moon. He is also a screenwriter and his film, Legendary, starring Danny Glover and Patricia Clarkson, received a 4-star rating from nearly 8 hundred thousand viewers on Netflix. John is also the father of Tyler Posey, the star of the MTV global hit series, Teen Wolf, and is one of the producers of John's play.

The Los Angeles Times called Father, Son & Holy Coach "Funny and absorbing." It is a poignant, timely story about a man's boyhood relationship with his father/football coach and his life thereafter. CBS Radio said, "Posey brings to life eighteen characters with the kind of elasticity and specificity reminiscent of the late Robin Williams. It is a beautiful thing when an actor disappears before your eyes...and a well-defined character suddenly appears. It is an absolute joy when it happens many times over throughout the play. Such is Posey's skill, that you almost forget it is a one-man piece."

This is a show for everyone. Moms and dads. Teenagers. Football fans and "football widows." It is often riotously funny and at other times will bring tears to your eyes. Father, Son & Holy Coach is ninety minutes worth of pure theater enjoyment.

Southern storytelling at its best! Writer/performer John Posey's Father, Son & Holy Coach is ninety minutes of pure theater enjoyment.

Welcome to Tupelo County, Georgia, where even the local Easter egg hunt takes on legendary, Super Bowl proportions. In Father, Son & Holy Coach, Friday night football is the motif that illuminates a father/son journey gone hilariously off the rails. Over the course of the 90 minutes, Posey, who confesses he was shaped by a complex and conflicted relationship with his own father, seamlessly portrays over two dozen different characters — the entire town of Tupelo. “It’s a very funny, but also poignant, study of the fragile psyche of an aggressively overprotective father,” explains Posey. “This man’s main reason for living is to prevent his child from experiencing what he perceives to be life’s failures. Finally, after years of trying to live up to his father’s expectations, the son must go his own way.”

Posey debuted Father, Son & Holy Coach to rave reviews in1993 (“Wonderful… much humor drawn from real people” — Daily Variety ; “A funny and absorbing chronicle of a fanatical father’s attempt to rear a gridiron superstar” —Los Angeles Times) and has since toured it all around the country...always to raves from reviewers and audiences alike. The screen adaptation has recently been set up at Salt Entertainment Group.

John's real life son, Tyler Posey, best known as Scott McCall on the MTV series Teen Wolf, is one of the co-producers of the show. “This is a father/son story, and the production is a father/son endeavor,” John says. A graduate of the University of Florida, John grew up in Florida, Georgia and Oklahoma. He first came to the attention of network casting executives who discovered him on stage with the Atlanta-based comedy group, “Comedia,” a group Posey co-founded in the ‘80s, and brought him to Los Angeles. Since then, John has compiled a long list of credits that includes recurring roles on How to Get Away with Murder and Teen Wolf and guest starring appearances on Criminal Minds, 24, Boston Legal, NCIS, Scorpion, ER, Seinfeld, Manhunter, From the Earth to the Moon and Newsradio among others.

An established writer, Posey is currently collaborating with Academy Award-winning writer Tom Schulman (Dead Poet’s Society) on a screenplay about a prep school lacrosse team and their “not-so-prep school” coach. He has sold original feature scripts to Disney, including Eddie The Eagle, The Accidental Olympian about the wildly inept British ski-jumper who found fame in the 1988 winter Olympic games, and to Sony. He wrote, produced and starred in Legendary, a coming-of-age drama with Patricia Clarkson and Danny Glover that was released in 2010. His original script, Gorgeous George, has been set up at WWE Film Studios. Posey wrote for the TV series Doc from 2001-2004 and created the syndicated radio series A Lighter Look at Sports for CNN radio.

Father, Son & Holy Coach is a show for everyone. Moms and dads. Teenagers. Football fans and "football widows." It is often riotously funny and at other times will bring tears to your eyes.