WONDERFUL… much humor drawn from real people. Writer and actor John Posey portrays a cast of characters from a small Georgia town and slips into each character effortlessly, never telegraphing the humor.
FUNNY AND ABSORBING. Posey is a brilliant writer and makes each of his characters so believable you imagine him becoming every one of them throughout the show.
EXTREMELY TOUCHING AND GENUINE… Posey has the complex acting skills to convince the audience of all the hurt and the joy… multi-faceted, well-rounded performances of multiple, distinct characters…
LAUGH OUT LOUD TO MOVINGLY SAD. Posey plays 19 characters in this wonderful portrayal of a small town southern community obsessed with football.
LOADED WITH HUMOR AND TOUCHES OF SADNESS. John Posey's "Father, Son & Holy Coach" is a winning combination of a dysfunctional family and a southern town's obsession with football. This is a show for everyone.
John Posey scores A THEATRICAL TOUCHDOWN in ‘Father, Son & Holy Coach’. He is a terrific actor and storyteller. Father, Son & Holy Coach, is a father/son journey gone hilariously off the rails.