How Father, Son & Holy Coach came to be.
A little background on FATHER, SON & HOLY COACH… Once upon a time I was asked to write a monologue in preparation for a very important network meeting in New York. At the time I was living and performing in Atlanta. For some reason, what came out quite quickly was this little father, son piece that worked very well. The network loved it, offered me the lead role in a new much anticipated TV series and we were off to the races.

Two months later came the call every actor dreads. “You’ve been replaced.” No fault of my own. Just one of those things. “Different creative direction,” is what came down from the top, which can mean a dozen different things.

That show went on for ten years without me, and still airs globally thirty years later. At the time, it knocked the wind out of me, but I dealt with it, shook it off as best I could and went back to the East Coast – this time NYC – to study, work and ponder my career.

While in New York, the little monologue, which I had entitled FATHER, SON & HOLY COACH, prior to ever writing a single word, began to gnaw at me. There was something much heavier than just a monologue at play here.

A conflicted relationship with my own father had informed and shaped much about me and apparently there was a little exploration that needed attending to. So I sat and wrote, and I wrote; much of it during the summer rain storms in the big Apple.

The conflict the two of us had, much like many fathers and sons, was centered on what we viewed as life’s successes and failures. My father was quite good at what he did, yet seemed to focus on what he considered personal failures, rather than achievements. What an irony. I, myself, had just been dumped from something that no doubt would have changed my life dramatically in many ways, not the least of which was financial security.

Yet here I was in NYC, working again, enjoying life and writing something quite profound and personal to me: how we handle life, when life seems to get in the way, or how you handle life, when you are thrown a curve you didn’t see coming.

What I wrote became a long-running solo theatrical production. FATHER, SON & HOLY COACH premiered in Los Angeles and later toured the country, over a period of a dozen years or so. The film rights were sold – several times. It also led to a writing career that, thus far, has resulted in numerous sold or optioned screenplays and one produced film in 2010 – LEGENDARY.

I also remain a busy actor in Los Angeles to this day with a long and varied career in TV, film and stage. I have also raised two boys – Tyler and Jesse - both of whom have chosen the same career. Tyler currently heads the cast of the global hit TV series TEEN WOLF on MTV.

First and foremost, FATHER, SON & HOLY COACH is a comedy, more accurately, a comedy of errors. It is the mostly hysterical, yet poignant study of the fragile psyche of the overprotective, aggressive father, whose objective is to prevent his child from experiencing or duplicating what he perceived to be life’s failures.

It is about the father who lives his life vicariously through his child, and how that child, whose own ideals are quite different, must choose to break the chain to forge his own identity.

From an era where fathers were certain they had all the answers and mothers, who did have all the answers, had to knit them as needlepoints in order to be heard.

Welcome to Tupelo County Georgia, where the local Easter Egg hunt takes on legendary, Super Bowl proportions and where a certain father might pay the local egg hunt organizing committee under the table to secure his son’s entry into the event. Meet that father – Ed Sanford – who has his own ideas as to why Humpty fell off the wall. (“He wasn’t mentally prepared.”)

You will meet much of the town of Tupelo County, all brought to life by a single actor.

Thank you for joining me.